CompFident is helping influencers get paid what they're worth and get compensated with confidence.

The first tool to help influencers price sponsored posts on more than just a follower number.

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What Makes Us Different

How we help you get paid what you're truly worth. We're a community of your close friends anonymously spilling all the details on how to get paid what you're worth.

Collaborative Pricing

Our data comes from real influencer's sponsored posts with real companies to price your work.


Anonymously interact with our secure platform to review and submit sponsored post campaign details.


We show you how a company has historically priced sponsored posts, so you know if you're pricing your worth correctly.


Once you're on our platform, you can access a community of influencers to interact with on negotiation problems.

CompFident's easy and accurate tool helps reduce the haggle hassle.

With over 2500 brands on our platform spanning hundreds of industries, we've made it simple to see if you're getting compensated correctly for your sponsored post.

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How it works


1. Upload a Paid Campaign

We operate off of trans-pay-rency, which means we encourage you to submit a paid gig to gain access.


2. Price Your Post

Fill out your demographics and create an account to save paid campaigns that you need to price.


3. Tell Your friends

Your friend's recent campaign could help you price your next sponsored post. This way, you get compensated with more confidence.

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Why the influencer world needs trans-pay-rency

We're influencers building for influencers.

Your bank doesn't accept "reposts" as proof of income
Faster contract turnaround, save time on negotiation
Happier relationship between brands and influencers

Recent Paid Post Reviews

See what our users have to anonymously say about working with brands.

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They [major clothing retailer] were nice! I will request a higher value of clothing and to be able to pick out the specific pieces next time.

Macro Influencer
June 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the campaign. The compensation was fair, I enjoyed the product, and the payment timeline was a quick turn around.

Nano Influencer
October 2020

I think I should have been paid more for the terms, however the agency (obviously) does not give an option to negotiate payment amount with the brand.

Micro Influencer
Feb 2020

It was very low paying for what [major travel agency company] actually pays agency for finding bloggers. It was really eye opening. I had a lot of creative freedom, it was fun to work on, just wish I pushed for more money.

Medium Influencer
January 2021

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